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Portuguese nonhabitual resident tax regime
13 May 2021

This is a brief overview of the non-habitual resident (NHR) tax regime applicable to both Portuguese nationals returning to Portugal after a period of at least 5 years living abroad and to new  inbounds transferring their residency to Portugal.

Types of portuguese Visa

Types of portuguese Visa

Sovereignty is digital
10 May 2021

Data is not anymore about monetization only. It is about shaping the geopolitical world as we know it.
The dispute for power no longer rests on controlling coal and steel production, on gold ownership, or the dimension of a country’s naval fleet. Nowadays, a country’s power is a function of its de facto control of data. Where does Europe stand and where is it heading?

16 March 2020

Considering the developments of COVID-19’s impact in Portugal and the orientations provided by the Portuguese Government and the World Health Organisation, BIND has implemented the necessary measures to reduce the contamination risk, ensuring the technological conditions to develop the work remotely, reducing the presence in the office to the minimum indispensable.

Administrative Ruling no. 72/2018
19 April 2018

Administrative Ruling no. 72/2018, of 9th March 2018, stipulates, pursuant to Article 49.-A of the Public Contracts Code, the terms under which the contracting entity may require the following elements of proof in accordance with the requirements or criteria established in pre-contractual procedures…

Legal framework applicable to the transfer of business or undertaking
9 April 2018

This diploma amends the legal framework applicable to the transfer of business or undertaking as follows...