Regulation, Competition, Union Law

Our practice in these areas is based on a solid experience within our team in economic and technical regulation in different industries. We provide high value-added legal strategic advice to businesses in regulated markets and handle the public affairs’ representation of corporations and associations, at national, Union, or international level.

Our area of practice in Competition Law comprises mergersantitrust and State aid. We represent our clients in litigation cases, but actively promote conflict prevention, to avoid our clients operational, financial and reputational costs.

The application of the Union Law at national level often raises incertitude and risks of legal contingencies. We advise our clients in relation to their rights and legitimate interests or obligations under Union Law and the respective implementing national legislation. Our team has also expertise in drafting and submitting position papers to national or EU institutions in public consultation proceedings.

Main areas of activity


  • Liberalisation and deregulation of markets;
  • Regulated wholesale contracts;
  • Inter- and intra-sectoral agreements and protocols;
  • Dialogue with regulators and other national or EU institutions;
  • Licensing of activities and support to the launch of innovative products and services;
  • Legal and multidisciplinary advice of sectoral and professional associations;
  • Participation in public consultations, hearings and monitoring of regulatory proceedings.


  • Mergers;
  • Horizontal and vertical agreements between undertakings;
  • Distribution systems (exclusive, selective, technology transfer agreements, etc);
  • Compliance programs;
  • Abuses of dominant position, abuses of economic dependence and individual practices restricting trade;
  • Private enforcement of competition law – civil liability for anti-competitive behaviour;
  • Disputes in regulatory and competition proceedings before the Court of Regulation, Supervision and Competition;

Union law

  • State infringement;
  • Protection of rights and legitimate interests;
  • EU litigation.