Real Estate and Tourism
Due Diligence
Real estate and tourism developments
Real estate investment funds
Contract works

Bind has a team of lawyers specialised in all areas of the real estate sector, with the appropriate legal knowledge and experience to deal with any real estate operation, regardless of its scope and complexity.

Their experience in this area is the result of years of legal advice provided to various entities, in particular in the construction, transports, tourism and commerce sectors, and of the provision of services in the real estate field.

This practice area is closely associated with the areas of Public, Administrative and Public Procurement Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Civil and Commercial Contracts, Tax Law and Employment and Social Security Law.

Main areas of activity:

  • Legal advice to real estate companies and real estate investment funds in the development and management of various national and international investment projects;
  • Legal advice in the incorporation of real estate investment funds;
  • Legal advice in respect of tourism projects;
  • Real Estate Management;
  • Urbanisation and Building:
    • Acquisitions and operations of creation of horizontal property and condominiums;
    • Establishment of public-private partnerships for real estate developments, operation, management and use of real estate;
    • Negotiation of contract works,
    • Compulsory acquisitions on the grounds of public interest;
    • Urbanism and town planning;
    • Contracts of acquisition and sale of real estate;
    • Lease contracts, amendments to lease contracts, update of housing rents, eviction proceedings;
  • Duties and Taxes:
    • Tax analysis and optimisation of real estate sector operations
    • Real Estate Due Diligence.