Public, Administrative and Public Procurement Law
Public Procurement
Public service
Urbanism and land planning

The Public, Administrative and Public Procurement Law practice area has a dedicated team of specialised lawyers with vast experience and Bind promotes a preventive legal service approach to these matters.

Our experience in this area is the result of years of legal assistance provided to various entities, in particular in the public, food and beverage and services, energy, pharmaceutical industry, commerce, distribution, industry and construction, transport, tourism and waste treatment sectors.

Main areas of activity:

  • Legal assistance to public entities during the various steps of pre-contractual procedures, including drafting of procedure briefs and analysis of proposals;
  • Legal assistance to companies in the preparation of proposals and challenging (administrative and judicial) of procedural acts;
  • Follow-up of the execution of public contracts, including the application of penalties;
  • Pre-contractual and contractual litigation;
  • Constitutional litigation;
  • Land parcelling;
  • Urban licensing;
  • Compulsory acquisitions on the grounds of public interest;
  • Drafting of urban development contracts;
  • Administrative procedures and judicial proceedings in respect of the application of land management instruments, the licensing and the grant/refusal of urban development claims of private individuals.
  • Public Domains, including concession;
  • Licensing and development of energy activity;
  • Environment and environmental offences;
  • Environmental Licensing;
  • Road Law.