Litigation and Arbitration
Actions for Damages
Civil and criminal litigation
Civil Liability

The area of Litigation and Arbitration of Bind is composed of a team of lawyers specialised in Civil and Commercial Litigation, as well as Insolvencies and Restructuring.

The lawyers who are part of this practice area have vast experience in judicial resolution of conflicts, civil and commercial, as well as in arbitration proceedings, and provide legal assistance to national and international clients in a wide range of sectors, namely financial, banking, services, temporary employment, food and beverage and pharmaceutical.

Bind favours a preventive legal service approach to the field of Litigation and Arbitration.

Main areas of activity

  • Judicial actions pertaining to rights resulting from individual and collective employment relationships;
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability actions;
  • Liability of the producer, consumers’ rights and professional liability;
  • Recovery and restructuring of credits, injunctions, declaratory actions and executive actions ;
  • Insolvency actions and corporate recovery;
  • Enforcement of national and international judgments and arbitration decisions;
  • Execution of credit guarantees (pledge, mortgage, insurance bond, bank guarantee, bills of exchange, bills, cheques);
  • Recognition of foreign judgments;
  • Cancellation and nullity actions of corporate resolutions;
  • Judicial actions pertaining to real estate (lease contracts, termination of operation, provision of real estate services, promissory purchase agreements);
  • National and international arbitration proceedings;
  • Resolution of disputes in the area of insurance, in particular actions resulting from insurance mediation, criminal complaints and accountability actions;
  • Legal advice in the field of economic crime;
  • Legal advice in the field of financial litigation;
  • Injunction proceedings.