Consumer Law

Consumer laws tend to become more demanding on undertakings, imposing greater responsibilities and granting consumers and their associations increased opportunities to protect their interests and rights.

The lawyers in Bind are experienced in drafting general terms and conditions for their business clients, aiming at maximizing the company’s brand goodwill before consumers, while reducing the costs of compliance and promoting the clearance of the contracts by supervision authorities (whenever such clearance is mandatory (e.g. in electronic telecommunications, insurance, banking).

In articulation with its area of Litigation and Arbitration, Bind handles consumer (arbitration) disputes and provides global debt recovery services. The firm’s installed capacity allows it to manage the debt recovery needs of large companies of mass consumer services/goods.

Main areas of activity

  • Consumer law and compliance programs;
  • General terms and conditions;
  • Essential Public Services;
  • Distance contracts and e-commerce;
  • Draft and contract terms and conditions and submission to approval by regulators;
  • Consumer conflict and consumer protection associations;
  • Arbitration; debt Recovery.